The Austin Thru Hike was pioneered in January 2020.

The route was establish with these three goals in mind:

  1. It could be hiked and enjoyed by the average hiker.
  2. It could be hiked within 2 to 4 days, over a weekend or in segments.
  3. It could be accessible with a limited budget and a limited amount of time.

The main route spans approximately 33.5 miles (54 km) from North Austin to South Austin, passes through Central Austin and traverses predominantly (95%) green spaces. The route links together many existing trails, parks, pathways, roads, urban spaces and undeveloped green space areas into one contiguous trail. There is an optional loop trial which adds 7.12 miles (11.46 km). There is an optional out and back trail which adds 5.83 miles (9.38 km). Hiking the main route and the two optional routes will total about 46.47 miles (74.78 km). There are many side trails, alternative routes, spur trails that can be included in one’s hike. There is the opportunity to add additional mileage to the trail over time.

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