Back Story of the Austin Thru Hike

I’m an avid traveler, hiker and backpacker. I enjoy everything from day hikes to thru hikes.

After completing a few long distance hikes I realized that I was very fortunate to have the time and resources to complete a long thru hike. Also, I realized that there are many people that love to hike, would love to do a thru hike, but might not have the time and resources.

I thought that I’d tried to create a thru hike that would be accessible for just about anyone.

Having lived in Austin and hiked many of the green spaces in the city, I thought that it might be possible to connect a group of the green spaces that pass through the heart of the city. I first plotted a route using Google Maps. I was able to plot a rough route along roads, but I could not plot the route along green spaces in the detail that I desired. Next, I plotted the route using This seemed to work better because I was able to plot the route through green spaces. Even after I plotted the route in AllTrails, there were a number of places where the trails still did not connect and there were details missing. However, I felt that I had enough information, so I decided to just go take a hike.

I set out over a long weekend and completed the route in three days.

I must admit that the first day was a bit discouraging because the first three miles took me over four hours to complete. There were some areas where the trail took me off the route. There were areas were I had to bushwhack. And there were a number of areas where I had to traverse water crossings or simply walk through creeks.

The second day was a bit easier, but I came across some roads, urban obstacles and blockages which I had to hike around. I was hoping to avoid walking on asphalt as much as possible and to keep the route traversing through green spaces.

The third day was the easiest day in terms of connecting trails, but it was the hardest day in terms of distance. On this third day I hiked about 22 miles and through some unfamiliar green space. I completed the trail after the sun set and in the dark, but I completed it.

Now it is your turn. Enjoy your hike! πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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